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Game mechanics – what a cold word for something so emotional

Today I gonna do something I should have done at the very beginning. I will tell you what School Bus Fun is about and I will show you how it looks like.

School Bus Fun is a Time Management Game. But luckily it is not one of the myriads of “Diner Dash” clones but it is different – hopefully even “special”.

Your task is to bring your daughter and her friends to school. How to accomplish this? Really easy! Just click on one or more kids to fetch them and then click on one of the schools to deliver them. But don’t worry although School Bus Fun is very easy to control it won’t be that easy to master.

Screenshot School Bus Fun
The first public screenshot of School Bus Fun

What makes School Bus Fun special is that there are 13 different types of kids to be “served”. Each of them does have own characteristics and a special personality. So you will have to find different strategies to adapt your strategy to each leven and situation granting you special combos and thus a higher score.

Sometimes you may just try to be quick with the mouse and juggle your car (later even two cars) to rush through a level but sometimes using rather your brain instead of speed might serve you better.

More details will follow soon in this blog. Stay tuned …

Amsterdam – A good place for School Buses

We showed School Bus Fun for three days in Amsterdam on the Casual Connect and the feedback was breath-taking. Many people liked the game (and gave their vote stickers) and everyone stated that we should go mobile for iOS and Android.

Even all distributors were enthusiastic about our game and are looking forward to bringing the game to you!

School Bus Fun in Amsterdam

Let the good bus roll!

What is the first step when creating the *perfect* casual game?

Yes, getting rid of the illusion there can be a perfect game! So we asked ourselves: What kind of game would we love to play and what features would we like to have in such a game?

We really hope you will like the result.

Doing “just a casual game” takes some time. Trying to create something special takes some more time and School Bus Fun is surely no exception from this. But we hope that every minute (or month?) we spent for this game has helped to bring something into the world you (yes, YOU!) will like as much as we do.

Expect more news about School Bus Fun here regularly.