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So ingenious!

Young EinsteinNo, I am not talking of us! This post is about young Einstein – one of the kids in School Bus Fun. Though still rather young he is as forgetful as he is bright. Thinking about relativity, time & space sometimes lets you forget time and sometimes even the stuff you are supposed to have at school.

So for fetching Einstein it is not sufficient to just click him and then bring him to school. But first you will have to find the object he is searching for. As soon as you have found and clicked on it he will then reveal which school he attends.

This brings a whole new aspect into time management. Instead of only clicking and perhaps thinking about combos you should try to multitask. Besides the normal tasks you should look out for the hidden objects so in case the genius appears you already know where the hidden object is. This can be really mind bending.

Of course you can wait for Einstein to appear and then search for the object but this extra second might just be the one point that is missing for the expert score and the third star in this level.

BTW. I personally love his friendship book entry. Play a couple of levels to see it on your own.