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Steam driven School Bus Fun

It is finally done! School Bus Fun does now support all Steam features and thus is now available on Steam! You may now upload your scores and display your 43 achievements in your Steam profile (not to talk of all the other stuff we did for Steam).

Get it now in the special New Release Sale for only 6,79 €.

Link to product page on Steam

Don’t forget you will support us and future games by spending a couple of Euro or Dollars. We will be eternally (ok, nearly eternally) thankful!

Beautiful and demanding …

Beauty Queen
Those who have already played School Bus Fun might have guessed what the headline and this post is about. Today I am going to write about Beauty Queen. Surely every school does have a girl at least believing to be one and many more boys see some of their class mates as Miss Universe.

Our small School Bus Fun universe does have a lot of Beauty Queens and they come in hordes. And in opposite to hordes of grasshoppers this isn’t a plague but something positive.

The reason for this comes from how they work in the game. When you manage to fill a bus/car completely with those girls you will receive a bonus of 20. As every single one already gives a pretty amount of 10 this can quickly fill your purse. Think of doing this with the big bus …

As a picture is worth a thousand words – here is her friendship book entry.
beatuy queen friends book

So ingenious!

Young EinsteinNo, I am not talking of us! This post is about young Einstein – one of the kids in School Bus Fun. Though still rather young he is as forgetful as he is bright. Thinking about relativity, time & space sometimes lets you forget time and sometimes even the stuff you are supposed to have at school.

So for fetching Einstein it is not sufficient to just click him and then bring him to school. But first you will have to find the object he is searching for. As soon as you have found and clicked on it he will then reveal which school he attends.

This brings a whole new aspect into time management. Instead of only clicking and perhaps thinking about combos you should try to multitask. Besides the normal tasks you should look out for the hidden objects so in case the genius appears you already know where the hidden object is. This can be really mind bending.

Of course you can wait for Einstein to appear and then search for the object but this extra second might just be the one point that is missing for the expert score and the third star in this level.

BTW. I personally love his friendship book entry. Play a couple of levels to see it on your own.

School what???

A game called School Bus Fun is about buses, isn’t it? That’s easy to agree to but it is still not entirely true. Yes, you transport kids to school but no, you are usually not driving a bus. At least not from the beginning.

Old Limo
Old Limo

You start with an old limousine. While proceeding through the levels you’ll get the chance to buy four other cars. Every car is different. Some have more or less seats, use more or less fuel and have different driving characteristics. As soon as you have got the choice you can decide at the beginning of every level which car you will use for the current level and which suits best to this level.

Finally the last “car” is a bus. Naturally its main quality is to offer place for a lot of kids but of course it does have some disadvantages. You will neither win any Formula 1 race with it nor is it very cheap to buy.

And yes, you need to buy the new cars as well as you may buy School Bussome upgrades for them. There are three more cars to choose from and each of them offers advantages you will be eager to have in some of the levels. So choose wisely!

But a couple of levels offer something very special. You will be able to use two cars/buses at the same time. This allows to go for even more combos but although a second car helps to transport more kids this is surely not that easy to handle. Getting an expert score in those levels is kind of a digital accolade.

Status? Nearly done!

I have been talking about a game that has not yet been released and I am aware that many titles being talked about are never finished.

I am proud to declare that thanks to our team’s effort we have finally managed to finalize some of the last big steps.

  1. There is a release candidate. Our internal tests have been finished and the title is now in another QA at our international distribution partners. So the game is about to be released soon!
  2. And yes, it will also be released close to you. We have as well signed contracts with a world wide retail distributor and  with the most important online distributors. So as soon as our School Bus is released you should find it wherever you like to buy this lovely game.
  3. Although you are reading an English blog you might prefer to play the game in a different language. We have just finished the German translation and localization into numerous other languages is about to start. We really hope that the all the jokes make it into the other languages.

The only thing we don’t know right now is the precise release date. But we will keep you posted.

Maverick – how to fill a game with life

I promised more information on how the game is played. In general you load kids into your bus and doing combinations of specific kids brings different kinds of bonusses.

The maverick to the left is a good example as he is completely different and thus shows how versatile the game is.

But first I need to tell you something about him. He likes to be alone. Infact he even prefers to be alone not to say that the presence of others is sometimes sufficient to annoy him.

So your task is to transport him alone without any other kid in your car. Thanks to his true nature he will not thank you with a smile – nobody has ever seen him smiling – but with a big tip and that makes the effort worthwhile. Doesn’t it?

To fill all the different kids with life we created a friends’ book of Jenny with all the boys and girls. Here is Wolfy’s entry:

Wolfy's Friendship Book Entry
Wolfy’s Friendship Book Entry

Game mechanics – what a cold word for something so emotional

Today I gonna do something I should have done at the very beginning. I will tell you what School Bus Fun is about and I will show you how it looks like.

School Bus Fun is a Time Management Game. But luckily it is not one of the myriads of “Diner Dash” clones but it is different – hopefully even “special”.

Your task is to bring your daughter and her friends to school. How to accomplish this? Really easy! Just click on one or more kids to fetch them and then click on one of the schools to deliver them. But don’t worry although School Bus Fun is very easy to control it won’t be that easy to master.

Screenshot School Bus Fun
The first public screenshot of School Bus Fun

What makes School Bus Fun special is that there are 13 different types of kids to be “served”. Each of them does have own characteristics and a special personality. So you will have to find different strategies to adapt your strategy to each leven and situation granting you special combos and thus a higher score.

Sometimes you may just try to be quick with the mouse and juggle your car (later even two cars) to rush through a level but sometimes using rather your brain instead of speed might serve you better.

More details will follow soon in this blog. Stay tuned …