Status? Nearly done!

I have been talking about a game that has not yet been released and I am aware that many titles being talked about are never finished.

I am proud to declare that thanks to our team’s effort we have finally managed to finalize some of the last big steps.

  1. There is a release candidate. Our internal tests have been finished and the title is now in another QA at our international distribution partners. So the game is about to be released soon!
  2. And yes, it will also be released close to you. We have as well signed contracts with a world wide retail distributor and  with the most important online distributors. So as soon as our School Bus is released you should find it wherever you like to buy this lovely game.
  3. Although you are reading an English blog you might prefer to play the game in a different language. We have just finished the German translation and localization into numerous other languages is about to start. We really hope that the all the jokes make it into the other languages.

The only thing we don’t know right now is the precise release date. But we will keep you posted.

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