Beautiful and demanding …

Beauty Queen
Those who have already played School Bus Fun might have guessed what the headline and this post is about. Today I am going to write about Beauty Queen. Surely every school does have a girl at least believing to be one and many more boys see some of their class mates as Miss Universe.

Our small School Bus Fun universe does have a lot of Beauty Queens and they come in hordes. And in opposite to hordes of grasshoppers this isn’t a plague but something positive.

The reason for this comes from how they work in the game. When you manage to fill a bus/car completely with those girls you will receive a bonus of 20. As every single one already gives a pretty amount of 10 this can quickly fill your purse. Think of doing this with the big bus …

As a picture is worth a thousand words – here is her friendship book entry.
beatuy queen friends book

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