Maverick – how to fill a game with life

I promised more information on how the game is played. In general you load kids into your bus and doing combinations of specific kids brings different kinds of bonusses.

The maverick to the left is a good example as he is completely different and thus shows how versatile the game is.

But first I need to tell you something about him. He likes to be alone. Infact he even prefers to be alone not to say that the presence of others is sometimes sufficient to annoy him.

So your task is to transport him alone without any other kid in your car. Thanks to his true nature he will not thank you with a smile – nobody has ever seen him smiling – but with a big tip and that makes the effort worthwhile. Doesn’t it?

To fill all the different kids with life we created a friends’ book of Jenny with all the boys and girls. Here is Wolfy’s entry:

Wolfy's Friendship Book Entry
Wolfy’s Friendship Book Entry

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