School what???

A game called School Bus Fun is about buses, isn’t it? That’s easy to agree to but it is still not entirely true. Yes, you transport kids to school but no, you are usually not driving a bus. At least not from the beginning.

Old Limo
Old Limo

You start with an old limousine. While proceeding through the levels you’ll get the chance to buy four other cars. Every car is different. Some have more or less seats, use more or less fuel and have different driving characteristics. As soon as you have got the choice you can decide at the beginning of every level which car you will use for the current level and which suits best to this level.

Finally the last “car” is a bus. Naturally its main quality is to offer place for a lot of kids but of course it does have some disadvantages. You will neither win any Formula 1 race with it nor is it very cheap to buy.

And yes, you need to buy the new cars as well as you may buy School Bussome upgrades for them. There are three more cars to choose from and each of them offers advantages you will be eager to have in some of the levels. So choose wisely!

But a couple of levels offer something very special. You will be able to use two cars/buses at the same time. This allows to go for even more combos but although a second car helps to transport more kids this is surely not that easy to handle. Getting an expert score in those levels is kind of a digital accolade.

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